Are you keeping up?

Brands are being pushed to extend themselves even further out the box than ever before…

More than ever brands are taking on personalities of their own, engaging with the consumer and having a positive experiential interactions.

You can expect to see interactive experiences and more consumer engagement from brands such as this funky Ikea billboard that was converted into a climbing wall…


Brand psychology is an indispensable part of the marketer’s utility belt.

Yep that’s right.. Brand Psychology will become increasingly important in planning and strategy and a core aspect to reflecting global concerns and attitudes.

Social Media has radically changes the landscape of the way brands market their product, ironically mass globalisation is being personalised on a universal level, whether its Coca Cola creating versions of cans and bottles featuring forenames or M&M’s Personal engravings on their chocolates or Apple inscription personalised names on the back of devices.


Are you a designer or a branding expert??   We would love to hear from you..



One thought on “Are you keeping up?

  1. Brands have always needed ways to connect to audiences and now need to live the experience more than just providing aspirations to live the experience. Technology is alowing enriched brand experiences and incorporating this into design is now commonplace in achieving the best audience connections!


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