Functionality v Aesthetics in Packaging?

Packaging no longer only plays a functional role in our aesthetically driven culture… Designers are continually asked us to push the boundaries of innovation. We have handpicked some of the quirkiest, thought provoking packaging designs..



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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags to deter any coworker’

(Image Source: thinkofthe)


Hangar Tea – Taking tea to a whole new level. (Image Source: Yanko Design)


A very famous and impressive design by Alex Creamer’s which was actually his university project! It features a model of the Chrysler building that pushes the spaghetti up to create a skyscraper.

(Image Source: Alex Creamer)



The bottle which also serves as the glass, talk about user-friendliness! (Image Source: AMPRO)


Time for your feedback? What do you think of these designs?

We would love to hear from you are you a designer that works in the packaging world or just a consumer with a voice? Get in touch and let us know what you think..

If you have a passion for packaging and are involved in the industry get in touch with one of our team as we have opportunities available..


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