Is modern technology hindering today’s job seekers?

On initial consideration this question may seem a little strange, but bear with me on this!

In today’s age of social media and immediacy job seekers have never had it so easy in terms of looking for work. Recruiters constantly bombard both active and passive candidates with job opportunities on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and for those who are actively looking for a new role they have a huge choice of industry specific websites where, with just a few clicks, they can have access to every single role that they feel is remotely relevant to them and in some cases isn’t, based purely on a couple of key word searches on a website. And this is where the problems start.


RecruiterBefore the internet age, job ads were placed in the back of trade magazines and applicants had to apply in writing for each and every role. Applicants had to think about their application, compose a covering letter explaining why they were suitable for the role and attach relevant work samples. Essentially applicants had to read the ad they were applying for and because this whole process took time and required effort people only really applied for roles that they felt were absolutely right for them in terms of skills needed to be successful.


Nowadays technology does everything for you. At the click of a button you can apply for any and every job you see, half the time without even knowing exactly what you are applying for. Many a time I have had a conversation with an applicant who didn’t even know they had applied for the role under discussion as they had sent their CV out for numerous roles, sometimes even applying for the same role multiple times!


As a recruiter I often ask myself whether the applicant has read the ad they are applying for due to the errors in the covering letter (the first line of which often states they are applying for the wrong role) and lack of relevant experience and work samples. Job sites make it so easy for you to apply that you simply upload your CV and portfolio and with a couple of clicks an application is made for you through the site.


So if you are a job seeker that is frustrated with constant knock backs, before taking your frustration out on the recruitment consultant, it may be worthwhile taking a little time to review your application and also the role you are applying for; making sure you have the skills outlined in the job ad and that you application actually reflects this both in terms of your CV but also, if you are a designer or artworker, a portfolio that is relevant to the role you are applying for and accurately reflects your experience and explains what you did on each project

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