Agency Life.. The inside Scoop

Are you a creative professional wondering what it would be like to work in an agency..

Agency life can vary depending on the size and scale of the agency, life is fast paced and fast moving. Your objectives are to fulfil the client briefs so efficiency and quick thinking, on the ball and savvy are the pre requisites for any budding agency candidates.

The undelaying surge of the agency buzz is addictive to any motivated and outgoing, driven person. There is a space for all types who are able to speak up and speak out and put in the hard yards.

Company cultural can vary from Agency to Agency:

Beers on a Friday to Yoga and weekend getaways…

  • You get to know everyone very well
  • You will work closely with the clients (often directly with senior people)
  • You will learn a little of everything. There are less people around, so everyone wears many hats.
  • Creative and technical input on the projects you work on
  • Get a view of the process from start to finish


  • It’s likely that the accounts will be bigger and you will be able to work on great concepts and campaigns (but that’s not saying this will not happen in a small agency, it might just be less likely)
  • You can develop specific skills and become an expert
  • The creativity among the different people is incredible – there are lots of different insights, ideas and experiences
  • There are more opportunities for movement within the organization and also lots more group collaboration


  • If you are looking for work in agency big or small please get in touch with us.

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