Are brands making a human connection?

In a saturated market place how are agencies meant to gain attention in a crowded space?

Old Marketing systems of segmentation and targeted demographics are becoming less and less relevant..

If brands start to build themselves around behavioural insight it naturally starts to look a lot more attractive…. Building emotional connections with consumers is essential.

But why and How?

The science behind it?   The Limbic part of the brain is responsible for the Decision Making process – it is also unable to understand language, which explains why we often get a gut feel about things. This is why it is imperative that brands connect on an emotional level before trying to engage intellectually.   In short we tend to feel first, and then do, then think.

Effective decision making is not possible without the motivation and meaning provided by emotional input


‘When you buy something and experience pleasure you are more likely to repeat the experience and pay more for it..’

So how do you build an emotional connection and change behavioral patterns??

Instead of looking at the business problem of what is preventing the consumer from buying your product look at what is preventing them from the social aspects…

For example… Why is apple a far superior product? Because it contains social status and superiority… Win the social worth of a product and you will win business.

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