Don’t follow your passion…

Don’t do what you love… Learn to love what you do

In today’s World we are sold a dream that if we follow our passion it will lead to ultimate satisfaction.

There are some fortunate few who know their passion and can follow their dream. But for some ‘following our passion’ leads to confusion and even more disarray, coupled with a feeling that we are meant to know exactly what we want to do.

Passion is a fickle mistress…

Passion can change over time. The same passion we had in our 20’s will not necessarily be the same in in 5 or 10 years’ time. Our interests change often and more than we expect.

So if not passion, then what?

No matter what field you are in, passion can be a by-product of quality. Once you’re focused on the quality of the work you are currently doing rather than whether or not it’s right, you will experience a sense of esteem.

passion 2


Neil deGrasse Tyson said “the most successful people in life recognize that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation”.

Many successful people are passionate, however their passion often developed alongside their success rather than coming first.

You can have many passions in life, they are diverse and changeable. Cultivate your skills and talents and what you are good at. Let quality be your dictator and passion will follow.

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