How Rejection Breeds Creativity

All Designers and Creative’ s aim and work towards delivering game-changing pieces of work.   The creative process is never straight forward and for greatness to be gained, familiarity with vulnerability and rejection needs to be achieved.

At the 99U conference rejection and vulnerability was a hot topic and organizer Will Allen, who is the Creative Director of Adobe and Head of Behance spoke passionately on the topic…

‘Constraints, either from clients, the brand you are working for, or your own personal blocks can be a constant issue. The thoughts that you aren’t talented enough, don’t have enough time, and will never be enough is something creatives often confront.

How do you handle people saying they don’t like what you’ve put your passion into?’

To be a creative you must confront the obstacles of rejection.  Brene Brown a research professor on the subject takes it a step further and says ‘ Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.  If you are not placing risk into your creativity and taking risk you are not pushing boundaries… Success will not always be inevitable and so you must become familiar with rejection from time to time for greatness to be achieved.. ‘


Changing the way you think?

A study by a Johns Hopkins University business professor finds that social rejection can inspire imaginative thinking, particularly in individuals with a strong sense of their own independence.

It is found that the creative person with an independent self-concept might even be said to thrive on rejection.

We all experience rejection on some level, it is unavoidable…those who embrace it will reap the benefits that come from embracing life.   To hide from rejection is to hide from life.

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