How do you choose?

Choice…  Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions, some inconsequential, some major life decisions. Network looks deeper into the process behind your decision making development.

Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia Business School who studies choice, posited that choice extends beyond the merits of one particular option or another in her TED talk “On the Art of Choosing.”

“Choice is just as much about WHO people are as it is about what the product is,” Iyengar said. “You have a group of people for whom every little difference matters and so every choice matters.”

Therefore the decisions you make are based on the values you hold and the person you are just as much as the product. This is why it is vitally important for brands to engage with their consumers and harness their desires and intent.




So how does this relate to your industry?

Neil Davidson, Executive Planning Director at creative agency Hey Human eloquently describes it when he says “The marketing industry is still obsessed with changing the way people think about a brand rather than (perhaps more effectively) changing the way they connect with a brand”

“If brands are built around behavioural insight, rather than attitudinal assumptions, the market naturally starts to look a lot healthier. Consumer need is married with brand capability. Success is sustainable”.





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