Socially Speaking…

Freedom of speech has long been identified as an essential human right; it’s what connects individuals to society… The suffragettes starved for it… Mandela went to prison for it… and many have died for it….

However are we all as brave as our courageous counterparts?   People are afraid of rejection or isolation of their beliefs so many remain silent, especially if their views go against majority opinion — as explained in ‘Spiral of Silence Theory’

However in this digital era we are living in, it has opened up and revolutionized are ability to communicate their opinions… The anonymity of Social media has given permission for people to express themselves in ways in which was once restricted to them by self-imposed social constraints… However has this always been a good thing?


Social Media has become a force to be reckoned with and has seeped into all areas of our lives… Today, we spend more time connected to media devices than we do sleeping…

Liberation of speech on social media has started wars….  It has made children and teenagers victims to their counterparts and ultimately have we forgotten how to relate to one another in the flesh?

Has social media empowered us and given us the platform we needed to make our voices heard taking over and dictating to us?

What do you think we would love to hear from you…



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