Experiential Marketing meets digital!

With more people spending more time on their phones than sleeping in today’s modern world the paradox lies that experiential market has never been so popular..

Music festivals are a perfect example of this shift in attitude. Digital natives love music but many do not buy records, preferring to stream music for free, or a small subscription. Instead, more digital natives attend music festivals, which over the last 25 years have grown from a handful to more than 200. Digital natives want unique, authentic experiences that they can share with friends.



Experiential marketing is all about creative authentic, personalized experiences to engage and connect… But is there room for digital in this world?

When done correctly the convergence of digital and physical bolsters the strengths of each while mitigating the other’s weaknesses. Enhancing the experience

The delicate balance is for brands to focus on the user experience and use the technology to enhance the involvement not to dictate it.


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