Dispelling the cliché of sales

The word ‘sales’ still conjures up images of fast-talking slicked back haired salesman , but the reality is we all use the art and science of selling in our day to day life in one way or another..

As a creative it’s easy for us to think that quality alone will be enough to promote the work. Yet we need to open the door to the outside world for our ideas and creations, because if we make something and nobody’s there to see, why did we create in the first place?

Many creativities face the bitter internal dichotomy of producing beautiful work but not wanting to appear over confident or too salesy in their approach. However not doing everything you can to get your work seen betrays your creativity.



Most of us think that the’ ideal’ sales person is the extrovert… Confident, charismatic and outgoing… They are ‘the natural born sales person!’  Yet according to social psychologist Adam Grant discovered that the best salespeople are not extroverts but ambiverts — people who fall between the poles of extroversion and introversion.

‘Ambiverts strike a crucial balance between talking and listening, neither dominating nor dampening a conversation. Grant explains, they “draw from a wider repertoire of behavioral options to find the appropriate balance between selling and serving.”

This responsive engagement style of balancing assertiveness with attention is what Dan Pink calls attunement, or “the ability to bring one’s actions and outlook into harmony with other people and with the context you’re in.” The best salespeople aren’t the most outgoing, they are the ones who can best “attune” to those around them.’

‘Life itself is a matter of salesmanship.’

Thomas J. Watson


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