Risk… Just for the Superhero’s?

Risk… So do we leave it up to the Superheroes or should it be incorporated into our business strategy?

There is a lot to be said for playing it safe and being slightly risk adverse but when it comes down to it… It’s always the fearless and bold that reaps the reward… He who dares wins, Right?

That’s not to say they don’t suffer a few scraps and scratches along the way, but with every swipe an important lesson is learnt.


passion 2


Let’s clear a few things up along the way…

  1. Taking risks doesn’t have to mean you have to be reckless – In fact it should be highly strategic!
  2. Make friends with success and failure if you are planning on incorporating risk into your strategy.
  3. The path to freedom is never as smooth as one would expect be comfortable with the bumps along the way and the expected twists and turns
  4. Plan for the future – It may take a while for your plans to generate income so give it space and time.
  5. It’s fine to not take risks!

We would love to hear from you… Has taking a risk worked for you in your career or business?


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