Top 10 alternatives to those nasty New Years’ Resolutions:

So your New Years’ Resolutions aren’t going so well. Your well-fed enthusiasm has dwindled. Your chipper commitment has turned into a feeling of dread and for those doing Dry January, February is a tantalizing, shimmering oasis, glimmering in the distance!

January 17th is regarded as the day most of us ditch those resolutions that were made with such good intentions only a couple of weeks or so ago!

With this in mind Network have come up with 10 alternative ideas:

  1. Do something a little different today. Take a day off and go to the Zoo, visit a gallery, book that course you keep saying you want to go on…
  2. Tell someone you love them, preferably someone you have not told in a while.
  3. Send someone a letter… Yes, write stuff down using a pen or pencil, not an email or text but an actual letter which requires paper, an envelope and a stamp (remember those?)
  4. Perform a random act of kindness, do something for someone else for no other reason than just to be kind. And here is the kicker… don’t tell anyone about it! Pay someone’s bus fare or Restaurant bill, give some food to a homeless person, offer to help someone carry a pushchair down some stairs, give up your seat to someone who needs it more…


5. Make a commitment to your future, do something that you have been putting off for ages. Do it now

6. Read a book.

7. Turn off your mobile, avoid social media for a few hours and actually talk to people.

8. Be a Tourist for a day

9. Volunteer – do something that benefits your local community, a charity or those individuals that most need help

10. Learn a new word a day.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in our resolutions, fixating on what we want and think we need and the bigger picture gets lost. We often receive far more than we ever could have hoped for when we simply give.

We would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch and share those resolutions that have worked for you.



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