Is your brand purpose led?

I recently had lunch with a Global Marketing Director of an International design agency. He had taken what was a national agency and opened it up into a diverse multi-national, global reaching agency with one of the most recognised names in the industry.

Contemplating on how he did it…  I reflected on the simplicity yet effectiveness of his strategy…




He stripped it down to the core of its essence, ascertained what the values of the business were and implemented this value throughout the company, not just strategically on a Marketing level, but throughout the agency, incorporating it through their HR recruitment plans, staff initiatives and into high level pitching… until it was so entrenched within the whole company they were fully integrated and unified.

Once a slightly fragmented agency they were now moving forwards as one, as a force to be reckoned with.

Brand Marketing is not just about your website and business cards. When done properly it should be deeply ingrained into your ethos and values. It should speak of who you are, not just for your prospect consumer, but for your employees too, to bring unity and transparency.

We would love to hear your thoughts… Please feel free to let us know what you think?

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